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International management advisory for growth.

Founded in 2013, Bridgemaker Ltd. is a boutique business advisory firm that focuses on commercial and operative development throughout the Near and Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

Bridgemaker Ltd. directors and advisors come from different backgrounds: from business to diplomacy, its operations are well covered by great seniority.

Our Services

Where expertise meets responsiveness.


Whether a firm needs to strengthen its resilience by reducing reliance on few suppliers or seeking international joint ventures, we can take bold action to envision a forward-looking business plan.


We do not stop designing a sound and sustainable strategy, and we bring it to life through proven techniques that keep risk and uncertainty under control.

Business development

In international business, a good product is no certainty for a good result. Having a clear idea of market potential and correspondence with a product is fundamental for smooth growth abroad.

Data analytics

We believe that data analysis is the key to improve our services. Simultaneously, we are very transparent in informing what the purpose of collecting data is, and we consider ourselves as custodian rather than owners of data.

We build awareness

We design and improve solutions to keep our customers aware of how we address their issues.

A professional team will work with you

As a boutique advisory firm, delivering a tailored service means a lot to us. We believe that success starts with really understanding our clients. We design our service around expectations or concerns, and no solution is like any other.

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