In the pursuit of creating an end-to-end process focused on customers, listening to their feedback is crucial. The question is: do your products match customers’ expectations, and what do they judge most important in your value proposal? Indeed, there are
few things to know about your customer’s voice.

  1. Customers dislike complexity and appreciate modularity. Similarly to Steve Jobs’ first moves after returning to Apple, reducing the number of products and enhancing the chance to modify them is a key to reduce production costs while allowing clients to customise their goods. 
  2. Customers deserve a corporate structure that starts from their needs and ends once they deliver a fitting good or service. This “Critical to customers” initiative relies on what customers want, hence reducing non add value initiatives, actions and functions. 

To do so, customer data shall be gathered, stored, and segmented, including financial information, such as frequency of purchase, generated revenues and price restrictions, geographic data, demographics, industry, and service preferences.


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