new world, new rules

We are defining a new kind of consulting services

Founded in 2013, Bridgemaker Ltd. is a boutique business advisory firm that focuses on commercial and operative development throughout the Near and Middle East, Africa and Central Asia.

Seamless execution

Big enough to cope with a huge workload, small adequately to respond quickly

Due to its size, Bridgemaker Ltd. can cope with quick changes in conditions and requirements, thus assuring a tangible result.

Seniority matters

Bridgemaker ltd. directors and advisors come from different backgrounds: from business to diplomacy, its operations are well covered by great seniority.

Complex plans, simple results

We approach our clients’ issues with original solutions. We do not implement ordinary strategies, we rather create and fit them into specific operative cases.

Designed around you

No venture is the same

We commit to deliver the best results paired to a great value per money. Our advisory practice follows few fundamental features:

  • Well assessed
  • Useful 
  • Original
  • Sustainable
  • Realistic
  • Ethical

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