Agile has gained momentum well beyond programming. This project management approach has become common among budgeting and some other general management fields

Agile commits to deliver a prototype with the minimum features, then developing it through short framed sprints. Such an approach makes initial investment small and gives a tangible product to work out.

Amazon has championed a slower approach to product development, and such a procedure is somehow the opposite of Agile.

Jeff Bezos has always promoted a backwards-looking development, hence holding the service idea at the centre of a project. In few words, Amazon has created skills around the prospected outcome, avoiding an incremental approach.

Like a giant with abundant resources, Amazon could cope with developing skills after a product concept had already been approved. To some extent, other companies could hardly replicate this approach, as steering skills, assembling teams, and operations could be burdensome and inefficient.

While agreeing that Agile has gone a bit too far and that Lean has become a kind of tacit obsession in innovative SMEs, keeping a Waterfall project small is the key to success: limiting subtasks and cutting hierarchy is good. Moreover, setting shorter and smaller milestones could also keep the team focused as well as avoiding overload.

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