Doing business abroad is not a purely commercial activity. To reap the benefits of a relatively open world, firms shall assess international processes under various operational, legal, financial, and political means.

Many companies look abroad hoping to sell their products and, to a lesser extent, their services. This practice could be an indication of damaging blows. Let’s dismantle a myth that too often drives to failures: the world is not particularly receptive or hostile towards new products. It may simply know little or none about it, or perhaps the competition on a global scale is very fierce. Many markets are more price-sensitive than others, but even this would not be a barrier in itself.

Si vis pacem, para bellum. Without fully grasping the peremptory trait of Gaius Julius Caesar’s words, good preparation is the key to avoiding unpleasant outcomes and implementing corrective measures in good time.

Bridgemaker ltd.’s advisory practice begins with a comprehensive assessment of its clients’ strengths, weaknesses, and resources. As no business has infinite means, we identify the best match in a multidisciplinary way to give a real scenario to decision-makers.
We use agile, cutting-edge tools to analyse data, respond to clear questions and concerns through statistical models, forecasts and key performance indicators.


Bridgemaker ltd. advises SMEs in negotiations in the MENA region, aiming to make our clients avoid pitfalls and dead ends. Write to us to know more: