Recent changes in the business community reflect a shift to e-commerce to survive the pandemic predicament as to widen the customer base through more immediate and affordable initiatives. E-commerce is not a B2C reality. Instead, firms can interact proficiently in a well designed online environment. The creation of digital tools to generate and manage orders is a game-changer for most SMEs in both national and international markets. Despite a contained initial investment, the return on the investment in terms of efficiency, efficacy and ease of use is tangible in the daily operations.


Marketing plays a vital role in an e-commerce initiative, and this is why we act to staying ahead in new features and methods to perform in digital marketing.

International sales as a service is a complex matter made simple through experience and a vision to make businesses run better. However, interactions and customer/supplier relations still rely on human intervention, and there is room to state that it will always do. The introduction of digital payments and binding digital contracts have also helped to move to a confident and standard ground in business negotiation.


Bridgemaker ltd. has accomplished several successful e-commerce projects. We retain expertise in logistics, custom operation and warehousing to design effective and scalable solutions.

We do not stop to business advisory, and we are ready to assess requirements for partnerships, financing and logistics. Please describe your specific need, and we will deliver free consultation. We would like to hear from you to gather tangible pieces of information help us shaping our offers.

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